When I meet with new Parents, I like to be direct and I always speak from the bottom of my heart – it is not a matter of being sentimental but more like sharing my convictions. I work in this School because I have a mission and that mission is that of an educator.
When I meet with you, our existing Parents, I make a point of sharing all the news concerning the School, what we do, what we plan to do and also how we do things here and why.

As an educator I want to share my passion with all.

Although I am the Director of this School I have never adopted a top down attitude with my colleagues, the Teachers: they all know they can speak to me at all times on any topic they feel the need to share -professional or private.

With the students I do my best to engage them fully in their studies, make them respect our discipline code - please refer to my last Director’s Letter; however, the way we implement discipline, has more to do with the position a Head of Family would adopt rather than that of an army officer. Beyond the studies I encourage our students to involve themselves in a number of other activities so, our motto "SIS where serious learning is seriously fun", comes to life.  I particularly like to visit the Pre-school children where most of my "fans" are - possibly because of the Grand Father image.

As I walk around the School I take my time to stop and chat with all other Members of our Staff, Office Boys and Girls, Security, Purchasing Officer, Finance etc. In our School I can say I know them all, by their first name and respect them for their hard work - the majority of them have been with us for years - they are all our SISBV staff, interviewed, officially and legally screened by us – in the same way as our Teachers are.

Because of all the above I can proudly call SISBV a "Family School" and altogether, Parents, Students, Teachers, Staff.
As a family we are all keen to protect one another:

The School protects its staff with and grant them clear legal contracts. The School also protects its children under a "General Child Protection Policy", which is implemented and reinforced at all levels, from the Director to the Vice- Principals, via the teachers and all staff. A family indeed where all Members keep an eye on one another, for the benefit of each individual, and the benefit of our children first – whether on official Campus Duty or simply by being present alert, responsible and pro-active.                              

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