When I first enrolled at SIS Bona Vista in January 2003, I had never expected my experience as a SIS student to be such a memorable one. However, it did turn out to be the best nine years of my life – not only in terms of its high-quality education, which allowed me been to secure a place at The University of Melbourne, Australia – but also in terms of the friendships I have made, most of which are still going strongly - be it among fellow classmates, juniors and/or seniors, SIS students have always been united. That’s something you can’t always find anywhere else. For me, going to school every day felt almost like going home to my family, with many “siblings” being there to welcome me with open arms. The fact that I have always tried my best to perform well in my academics, whilst being a part of as many activities as possible, has also enabled me to form strong, positive bonds with the teachers, all of whom I still remember fondly as an omnipotent force that shaped my life journey with their kindness, humor and never-ending guidance.

Another, most important part of my life as a SIS student that I will always cherish is the sense of belonging I experienced, which, in SIS, was unlike any other. We may not have been a very big school in size, but we were (and still are) known as a “family school” – and I personally felt that this was an advantage. In SIS, I had gotten the chance to involve myself in numerous activities, ranging from the school musical (which I was very passionate about), the yearbook committee, and even sports (which I was not very good at) – but that’s the beauty of it. SIS is very open in that sense, as it gives us all a chance to develop our true potential in any area we choose, regardless of our backgrounds, strengths and/or weaknesses. In SIS, there’s always something for everyone, and the sky is the limit – as long as we are willing to reach for it.dly as an omnipotent force that shaped my life journey with their kindness, humor and never-ending guidance.

Fast forward to 2014, and I am now proud to say that I am a graduate of SIS Bona Vista. My advice to current SIS students is that the battle may seem tough at first, but you’re all really lucky to have SIS as a training ground to face any and all challenges that you’ll encounter in your university lives and in your future career. Regardless of where you end up in life, you will always remember your SIS experience as the most life-defining one, as it will shape you not only as a student, but also as a person with the courage and willingness to go for your dreams, knowing that ultimately, you can achieve anything as long as you set your mind to it. SIS Bona Vista will always be home to me, and that will never change no matter what.

Nur Azuraa Datau Soegiarto
SIS BV Alumni
Class of 2013
I am one of the Korean students at SIS BV. I have been in my School since 2013. When I was a new student, the first month was absolutely challenging for me to speak English with my classmates whose nationalities are different from mine However, soccer provided a chance for me to be closer with my classmates. I had a debate about ‘who will win the El Classico (Real Madrid CF vs Barcelona FC)?’ and it helps to get closer to others. Thanks to such a quick adaptation, I had plenty of events in the School. For example, I got two Gold Medals and one Silver Medal in the SIS Olympics and I won the English Monologue Competition against other branches of SIS. At the end of 2013, our class built a ‘haunted house’ for the SIS Mega Bazaar Day then we showed our teamwork to customers who got really scared. Although, IGCSE exams were hard to prepare because I skipped one year, the Academic Year 2013 was really awesome and a positive challenge.

Today I am familiar with studying at SIS and able to speak English just like Korean – I made a “buddy” whose favorite team is Manchester United. I always think that moving to SIS BV was an inspiration from God in my student career. Moreover, if I didn’t have any support from my teachers in the School, my School life wouldn’t be what it is today. Lastly, I hope I can make my School proud as a student of the first IB batch in SIS BV – my aim is 45!
My daughter has been studying in SIS Bona Vista Preschool for the last year as a K2 student. The Preschool teachers here are excellent, they are very approachable and are always very nice and kind. They always make studying for my daughter very interesting and certainly lots of fun for her and have given her many memorable experiences.

She has loved studying here and looks forward to going to school every day and seeing all the lovely friends she has made. The progress which she has made this last year has been huge and very noticeable. Thank you SIS Preschool for giving her such an unforgettable start to her school life.
My Dear Teachers @ SIS BV ...

Happy New Year 2015! I am lucky to have the best teachers wherever I may go in my life and sad to say that the returned of our family to our home country ~ Malaysia after the end of the year 2014. I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher, You.

Thank you for your guidance, friendship and discipline. I learned that I am strongest when I recognize what yet is weak and how I might best develop those parts of my character. Thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing and room for making mistakes along the way. I am grateful to have such a good teacher like you, by my side all the time and throughout my life in SIS BV.

I may not always say it, but I mean it whenever I say it. Thank you, my excellent and funny teacher; for all the extra efforts you make to help us grow and the challenges you encourage us to face to help us become who we are. "Some people come into our lives and quickly go, some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same. " - Flavia Weedn -

Your student of P5 Reliability in AY 2014
Bernard Koo ZeQin
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