The SIS Staff

  • Mr. John R Mason
    Deputy Head Teacher of Secondary

    I would like to take this opportunity to not only welcome back our students from term break but to extend that welcome to our new students and parents to Singapore International School (Indonesia).

    At SISBV we take great care and pride in not only educating your child academically, but also preparing them for what lies ahead after graduation. My colleagues and I are committed to providing not only a world class education  with our dual Cambridge and International Baccalaureate programs ,but promoting a critical thinking environment for your child to expand and flourish. With this in mind, we put forth the utmost effort to make sure your children are well prepared to be the best global citizen they can be. Our CSS program, IB CAS program and other community service activities ensure our students are involved in projects that are making a difference in the community.  Whether it is our Habitat for Humanity project, Australian and European learning journeys and our hit SISBV musical The wizard of Dunia, our students are given a wide range of disciplines in which to succeed.

    The one reason I selected  SISBV for my career was the sense of community and family I felt when I walked through the door. We are a school of friends and family who strive to improve ourselves and your children each day. I have made my life and family here and truly believe in investing in the future intellectual capital of Indonesia and South East Asia.  It is rare in this day to walk around a school and everyone knows each other’s names. I truly believe this is what sets SISBV apart from the rest.

    Once again I would like to thank you for choosing SISBV and our door is always open should have any questions or concerns regarding your child.

    Sincere Regards

  • Mr. Moinudin Shahul
    Deputy Head Teacher of Junior College / IB Coordinatorr

    Passing the test, graduating, getting A scores are important things to be achieved not only for students but also for teachers. Our old educational culture puts those matters as final goals. Enrolling to a reputable university and getting a prestigious job in a prestigious company become dreams for students and parents.

    Those are the important targets in education but those are not the most important ones as a whole. There is another aspect, called ‘learning’ in education. Not only learn how to memorize names, places, dates, organs, formulas and theories to later on forget in order to clear the mind for the next test. “Learn” is - according Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary - to gain knowledge by studying, practicing, being taught, or experiencing something. And “Knowledge” is a justified true belief. The bottom line is that learning needs an active participation by a knower rather than just absorbing the information in a passive way.

    By applying Cambridge curriculum + IB DP curriculum and by having experience teachers in their field, I believe SIS Bona Vista campus can achieve its vision to empower learners to achieve their full potential from a world-class, well rounded and innovative educational experience.

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