The SIS Student

SIS seeks to provide an international education modeled after the curriculum used in the top schools in Singapore. Founded on the principles that govern it, SIS will ensure that its pupils are exposed to a wider world, and they are equipped with the skills to take greater responsibility for their own learning and the capacity to ensure their own survival in a changing world. In addition, the school will seek to acquaint pupils with their own heritage and to work closely with parents. It will be guided by the pursuit of high standards in all its endeavors.

SIS believes that for a school to be successful, emphasis has to be placed on personal character and then academic excellence. The two main long-term goals in SIS are therefore character formation and bringing the best out in each and every pupil in an international environment. In SIS we have high expectations of our students. The SIS curriculum emphasizes the following essential qualities that all SIS students work towards:

  • Respect for the host or home country and the family unit
  • Willingness to serve the interest of the larger community
  • High regard and thirst for a holistic education
  • Understanding and embracing the Information Technology (IT) around us
  • Personal integrity and discipline
  • Appreciation of a multicultural and multi-religious world
  • Appreciation of the environment within which we live
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