Welcome to Singapore School Bona Vista

Any school can teach students to read and write…

Any school can teach students mathematical formulas, Physics, Chemistry or Biology…

But only a school which encourages and develops one’s personality as an extension of classical education, will teach students how to think methodically, to express themselves correctly, to act maturely and to respect their environment and other fellow human beings. This is our goal at Singapore School Bona Vista (SIS BV).

At the time of its creation, SIS BV was founded to provide a strong foundation for the children of a handful of parents who wanted their children to keep the values of traditional education and culture, yet have the educational background to be able to enter European and American Universities. The school, therefore concentrated its efforts on preparing students for exams. In fact, the majority of SIS BV students succeeded in international and national exams, allowing them to move on to recognized schools and universities.

Twenty years on, the demands on educational institutions have grown. Parents do not only want their children to be accepted at well-known universities, they also want schools to instill strong academic and interpersonal skills which gives them an edge over others. In the past it did not matter if our students blended in with others from different schools, however, nowadays students require a uniqueness that makes them stand out from the crowd. 

This coming year and in the years to follow, SIS BV will strive to consolidate its philosophical choices, to build an academic tradition and an educational policy that will give its students and alumni a distinctive pedigree and an edge over others. The educational and administrative staff will put every effort into ensuring that SIS BV students will be recognised for their attitude, maturity, intellectual and practical competencies and their entrepreneurial spirit. Our goal is to develop SIS BV students’ abilities at all levels, into life-long learners and confident leaders willing to take on the challenges of the future with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Christopher Jupp
Head of School

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