SIS Cares

Advocacy 1

Empowerment of children, women and elderly

Children, women and elderly are the most disadvantaged members of the society. They are often taken advantage of. Their needs are neglected and their basic human rights are violated. They are often harassed, exploited and not given equal social and economic opportunities. SIS commits to educate the public and to empower these members of the society.

Advocacy 2

Protection and preservation of the environment

Protection and preservation of the environment and its inhabitants is everyone’s responsibility. Global warming is everyone’s problem. SIS fights the abuse and irresponsible use of the natural resources and helps in the restoration and preservation of the environment.

Advocacy 3

Alleviation of culturally-deprived and calamity stricken communities.

As a good neighbour and responsive member of the community, SIS helps out by giving assistance to poor communities, needy "homes"—orphanage, home for the aged, etc and calamity stricken areas.

Advocacy 4

Global Dimension: Internationalism & Conflict Resolution

Keeping in mind the needs and requirements of 21st century education SIS is a strong supporter of “Internationalism” and Conflict Resolution. SIS promotes understanding, tolerance, and friendship culture among all nationalities regardless of their colour, race or religion. SIS promotes an understanding on how conflicts are a barrier to development and why there is need for a resolution and promotion of harmony and peace. Being an International school with international community, SIS places great emphasis to increasing numbers of internationally oriented programs.

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