Our Curriculum

The SIS curriculum has as its spine the curriculum used in top schools in Singapore. The Internationalization of the curriculum comes from the introduction of an international, intercultural and global dimension into the course content and into teaching and learning methods to suit the diverse student body. Two years ago this student body of the SIS Group of Schools stood at 2000 from 20 different nationalities. Today, it stands at 3000 from 35 different nationalities.

The SIS curriculum provides our learners with opportunities to examine their own values and attitudes, to understand the global context of their lives locally, and to appreciate the similarities and differences between people everywhere. This in turn gives our learners the knowledge, skills and understanding to play an active role in the global community.

SIS schools has enabled the Group to systematically identify the needs of our international learners, both native English and non-native English speaking students. The students eventually sit for the internationally recognized IGCSE (Cambridge) examinations and the IB program.

SIS seeks to provide an education in an international environment that will equip our students with the skills to take greater responsibility for their own learning and to ensure their own survival.  We also seek to acquaint pupils with their own heritage and to work closely with parents. The pursuit of high standards is the hallmark of the school in all its endeavors.

SIS strives for the achievement and maintenance of high academic standards and nurturing of confident and principled children with a strong sense of civic responsibility, strong bonds with their parents and respect for their host country.

The curriculum emphasizes the teaching and the application of concepts in different situations. Hands-on learning provides pupils with first-hand experience and makes learning more meaningful and real.

In the age of advanced Information Technology, SIS equips all its pupils with the mastery of basic skills in computer literacy. Computers are also used to enhance the learning of concepts of the academic programme.

Creativity is the key to expressing ideas, formulating solutions and developing insights. SIS pupils are given opportunities to work in groups and individually to transfer the knowledge learnt in the classroom into new learning situations.

Besides early emphasis on the core subjects of Maths, Science and English, focus on Mandarin as a Second Language gives SIS pupils an edge in being bilingual. The main stream Mandarin programme is aided by the Conversational Mandarin programme.

The emphasis on Music and Drama has given SIS pupils opportunities to express their creativity. The annual production of our Musicals has developed a love for music and the performing arts among all students. The inclusion of Robotics and Entrepreneurship skills early in the lives of our students will ensure they are prepared for an exciting new life ahead.

There are more than 3000 students presently in SIS campuses enjoying a very high quality curriculum, appraised and acclaimed internationally.

SIS is proud to have a quality and structured curriculum combined with the features of a flexible international school system. This combination enhances teaching and learning strategies and allows students to embrace and acquire a wider scope of learning experiences.

Many choose to come to SIS because of its high standards. Students graduating from SIS have been admitted to the best schools and universities in Singapore and other parts of the world.

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